Breaking Free with MeWe: Step One

Lately I would like nothing more than to be done with Facebook. It’s not just that they seem to hate all conservative and non-modernist Christians with a passion. They censor: one woman got in trouble with Facebook for posting a Bible verse about homosexuality. I have same-sex attraction myself, but I don’t see why quoting the ‘wrong’ Bible verse should get anyone into trouble. What if I quoted ‘Judas went out and hanged himself?’ 

I stay on Facebook because I have family members there who won’t move elsewhere. It’s actually the only means of communication I have with them because NO ONE CALLS ME. But what really made me hate FB lately is that I shared some news on FB about some recent medical tests I had which included a bad kidney test (and a GREAT A1c because I’m on low-carb/keto.) 

After this I am not only seeing ads on FB for a kidney disease recipe book (which looks high-carb,) I’m seeing it everywhere. So I’ve replaced my Google-based Gmail email address with one from GMX, and I’m (mostly) migrating to MeWe.

MeWe is a Facebook alternative which says it respects your privacy. So far, it seems to. The hard part is that after years of being on Facebook and accumulating Facebook friends, MeWe seems too quiet— because I don’t have enough friends there yet.

I’d ask you-all as my blog readers to friend me there ( but many of you don’t have MeWe accounts yet. So, the first step is to start your MeWe account. Go to MeWe’s web site and sign up— it’s not that different than signing up for Facebook or Twitter.

Next, fix up your profile page. You will need a profile picture. I suggest a picture or an avatar of yourself, especially if you are trying to use your social media to promote your blog or writing career. If you are being deep-anonymous for a good reason, make a human-looking avatar that DOESN’T look like you. 

Your page also needs a cover image. You can use the same cover image you have on Facebook, or something similar. It doesn’t have to be the perfect cover image for you at first. You can always change it later.

Your profile picture, as on other social media, is seen next to everything you post. It’s the ‘you’ that your social media ‘peeps’ see. If you use a picture of yourself or an avatar of a human-like face, that makes you more relatable. It makes you a person and not a faceless person-or-thing behind a logo. 

Your cover photo can be all kinds of things. A picture of your family, of something scenic from your local area, if you are an author a collection of your book covers…. Whatever says ‘you’ and your social media persona well. 

You need to make a couple of MeWe friends to get started. You have a friend there already. My profile page is:  Make a friend request and I will accept it— unless your profile pic contains explicit nudity or something. Another way to make friends on MeWe is to encourage your friends from Facebook or Twitter to migrate to MeWe with you. 

Once you are there on MeWe and have a friend or two, post something. It could be a picture of your cat or dog, your opinion on what’s happening on General Hospital, or a rude opinion about your least-favorite political figure. Don’t worry if you don’t get much response yet. You are new to MeWe— it takes a little time to get into the swing of things.

Part 2 of this series will cover how to make new MeWe friends and how to join groups on MeWe.

MeWe-ly yours,

Nissa Annakindt


My Traditional-Marriage-Support group on MeWe:

My Traditional-Marriage-Support page on FB:

#FixThatBlog – Can Bloggers Do Without Twitter/Facebook?

If you are conservative or moderate in your opinions, or if you have friends who are, you will probably already know that both Twitter and Facebook are wildly hostile ground for conservatives and everyone who is less than progressive/liberal. You can get your page taken down from Facebook for quoting the wrong Bible verse! And I’ve heard of someone who got their Twitter account taken down for having been retweeted by Donald Trump— even though I haven’t heard of them threatening Pres. Trump’s Twitter account— Twitter knows good free advertising for their service when it sees it.

I have had a lot of friends get suspended or banned at Facebook or Twitter. Sometimes they get sick of the whole game and migrate to newer social media like Gab or MeWe. But the problem is that alternative social media are small ponds. If you are trying to get attention for your blog posts or your books, they are not where the eyeballs are. The eyeballs are still over at TwitFace, sadly.

The key to using Facebook and Twitter is to remember that those social media are run by blind progressives who take it as dogma that all Republicans are members of the (Democrat-only) KKK organization— even, presumably, Herman Cain and Ben Carson. Therefore anything you post that isn’t progressive propaganda is suspect.

But a key to using any social media is that bland/generic posts vanish, only things that are a little rough or even shocking get attention. You want your post to go viral, you have to do something to get attention. And if you do something to get attention and are not progressive, you can get banned.

So what should your strategy be? If you don’t currently have a world-famous blog, I’d suggest you go ahead and use Twitter and Facebook, and post what you like (unless you like death threats and pictures of private parts.) Do (civilized) things to get attention. If your account is banned or suspended, you might think of just starting a different account, especially on Twitter.

You might also think of having a targeted Twitter or Facebook account. I did this when I had a separate blog for Keto diet posts, and a Twitter account to go with it. On that Twitter account, I followed only diet-related accounts, and posted only on that topic. Since my political opinions were not a part of that Twitter account, I didn’t post anything political there no matter the temptation.

If political opinion is a main topic of your blog, of course, you won’t use the apolitical-account approach. You will seek accounts that share your opinions, mostly, plus a few high-profile opposition to retweet along with the comment ‘can you believe THIS!’ or similar.

Minor or new social media, especially those that cater to freedom of speech advocates, have their uses, but they won’t replace the Big Boys. If you get banned/suspended from the Big Boys a lot, you may need to cultivate those alternative accounts to stay in touch with some of your True Fans. My Gab and MeWe accounts seemed kind of dead when I was using them a lot, but I realized I had far fewer friends/followers in those places. If I worked those accounts I would probably have a livelier time on those social media. But as I’ve not even been suspended once from Twitter and Facebook, I must admit I haven’t considered it a priority.

If I did have a problem with repeated suspensions or banning at TwitFace, rather than abandoning those sites altogether I would have a bland, non-controversial account that mainly served to share my blog posts and retweet/share the stuff of selected other people, and put a lot more effort into my MeWe account. (In fact, I think I need to start working on my MeWe account right now, at least in the sense of visiting it each time I blog and sharing my blog posts there. I get lazy because my blog posts can be shared to TwitFace as part of the WordPress. com posting experience.)

Learn to use MeWe, part 1

What is MeWe, anyway? It’s a new social media which is an alternative to Facebook and Twitter. Why do people even want that? Because Facebook and Twitter are run by people who find it weird and suspicious when people don’t share their viewpoint and their politics.
I’ve known a lot of conservative and Christian people who have been unfairly banned or suspended by Facebook or Twitter. Often it’s for some minor thing. Or they never tell you why you are in trouble at all. I’ve heard of one FB user who even got his post deleted because he mentioned he was on MeWe and used the hashtag #MeWe.
On the other hand, what happens if you are conservative or Christian on FB and someone bullies you? I had some left-wingers steal my picture from my pro-traditional-marriage page, and use it for a post on their FB page which essentially told me to eat sh-t and die. I reported that FB page, which did nothing but personally harass conservatives. Nothing got done about it.
Now, I know a lot of people get tired of being told that they have to be on different social media. But when your social media is failing you, and you may lose your account unfairly, you need an alternative and you need to get started NOW, and not wait until you are in trouble with Facebook just when your new book comes out, or when you have a great blog post that needs promoting.

Starting Your Account

Open an account on MeWe. You will need a profile picture and a cover photo, just like for setting up on Facebook or Twitter. I used the same ones as I use for Facebook. I use my name: nissaannakindt as my ID there. If you are a writer and trying to gain a platform, use your author name, real or pen name. Use a profile picture of your actual face. On the other hand, if you are a blogger and advocate for your point-of-view under a patently false name (‘The Deplorable Guy’ or ‘Socialist Nancy P.’ or whatever) use that name. Whatever name you need to build a platform for.
Once you have an account, you will need contacts: that is, friends or followers on the site. How do you get contacts? You recruit them from the people you already know from FB and Twitter. Take these steps to get started with contacts:
  1. Use your list of email addresses. Send an email to your email-connected friends and invite them over to MeWe.
  2. Tweet about it! Tell your Twitter followers you are on MeWe and why, and give the link to your profile page on MeWe. Use the hashtag #MeWe when you do this. Do it more than once.
  3. Tell your Facebook friends about it. DON’T use the hashtag #MeWe on FB because they do take posts down for that ‘sin.’ If you have other pages on Facebook, make a post about MeWe there as well. Again, make posts like this more than once.
  4. Add your MeWe profile’s link to your pages on various social media and to your blog or web page.
  5. Write a blog post about MeWe— whatever aspect of MeWe you like. Include a link to your profile page on MeWe and invite your readers to become your contacts.
  6. Become active on MeWe: when you write a blog post, share it on MeWe. Post pictures of your cats on MeWe. Check your MeWe page regularly like you do your FB and Twitter. Comment on stuff. Don’t be quick to give up on MeWe because you don’t know many people there yet. It takes time.
  7. Set Goals! At first, when you start out, make your goal getting 10 new contacts. Then 20, 30 and so on. It’s like on FB and Twitter— you need to make ‘friends’ on the new site or you are just talking to yourself.
Now, don’t expect all of your friends to jump on the MeWe bandwagon and join you there! Be low-key about it. They may find their own reasons to join in a few weeks or months. In fact, spending time on MeWe may be a bit of a gamble for you. It may be the coming thing, and it may not.
The important thing for the blogger or writer who wants to use social media to build a platform is to avoid being in the FB/Twitter rut. You need more social media than just those two! And if you are at risk for ‘offending’ the gods of Facebook or Twitter by failing to conform to Left-wing political agendas, you may someday really need to be on alternative social media.
Feel free to request to become my contact on MeWe. I will accept requests so long as they are not from porn-filled accounts. I will be your guide— or maybe you will be mine— through the unexplored wilderness of MeWe. This is my profile page:
Part 2: Joining MeWe groups— coming soon!