Lesser of Two Evils; Celebrate

Bernie-Sanders-Called-Communist-by-New-York-PostSome people are fussing ‘why do we always have to vote for the lesser of two evils?’ Well, Romans 3:23. (For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God.) If there is a candidate out there that you think isn’t an ‘evil’, maybe you just don’t know enough about him yet.

Then there is this: the ‘evil’ side of candidates is newsworthy. If a candidate says something the news guys think will get that candidate in Big Trouble, that is Big News and the news guys will cover it to death. If a candidate does something nice or kind or humane— media silence. Not news worthy. So by the time we get from the primaries to the general election, any candidate left standing is a greater or lesser evil.

We need to grow up and realize that no candidate is perfect. Moreover, no candidate can deliver on promises that don’t make sense (free college for all.) More voters need to educate themselves instead of relying on the media to propagandize them, and find a candidate and a party platform they can get behind based on issues, not media hype.

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Today I’m celebrating doing the A to Z challenge last month. I didn’t post every day, but I posted a number of days and mostly stuck to my topic, zombie apocalypse. I got some good comments, even though I was taken off the blogroll for no reason I could figure out. And I’m blogging more as a result. This month, I chose 3 topics with the intent of rotating through those topics over the course of the month. Will I get blog readers? I don’t know. But at least I’ll be blogging.


 ĉar ĉiuj pekis kaj maltrafis la gloron de Dio;


gloro = glory
pekis = sinned
ĉar = because

This Obama Darkness

Barack-Obama-in-The-Lying-King--110199Of the many things Barack Obama has done to hurt the poor, perhaps the worst was his lightbulb decree banning the incandescent light bulb. He did that to fight ‘global warming.’ But even if the global warming hoax were less fictional, no one believes that taking incandescent light bulbs away is going to fix anything.

When the light bulb ban hit, better off people just went out and bought the new bulbs, along with new lamps and the installation of new light fixtures as needed.

But poor folks like me are apt to hang on to old lamps their parents owned long into their own middle ages. They likely live in older houses with weird old light fixtures that date from the 1960s— or the 1930s. These lamps and fixtures were not built for new twisty fluorescent light bulbs. They may not fit, or they may burn out in a scary way after a week or service. And so the poor are left in…. This Obama Darkness.

Another little thing about the light bulb ban. I used to have a rather expensive baby chick brooder— a device to keep baby chickens warm and alive after they hatch, until they get big enough to handle cooler temps without a mama hen to warm them. My chick brooder was heated by light bulbs. So THAT item went into the garbage. And I have to use expensive heat lamps bulbs— which keep the chicks TOO warm. Now, I used heat lamps before, but to keep the chicks at the right temp and save money, I used to switch to 100 watt incandescent bulbs after 2 weeks. Now I have to keep the energy-consuming heat lamp bulbs going a few weeks extra. Thanks to Obama and his partisan nonsense.


[Jesuo diras] Mi estas la bona paŝtisto.

diras = says
mi = I, me
paŝtisto = herdsman, shepherd

Why don’t folks just LISTEN to Donald Trump?

donald-trumpThink about the things you know about Presidential candidate Donald Trump. How many of them do you actually KNOW are true?

Time after time I’ve heard the mainstream media blaring about Trump: Trump said THIS! Trump is THAT!  Only when you come to check the story out, there is a problem.

The news guys have a technique to spread disinformation. They will have a story— so-and-so said this shocking thing. But they don’t run the tape of so-and-so saying the unforgivable thing. They show a picture of so-and-so while the reporter tells you what so-and-so said and what that means. Often, there is no clear-cut divide between the alleged quote and the reporter’s opinion of what it really means.

This technique is used often with Donald Trump. Often, if the video of the event ever is shown, you can see the quote wasn’t quite accurate or meant something different in the original context. Sometimes the quote isn’t even from Trump, but was a statement/question from a hostile reporter, which is attributed to Trump because the man failed to reject what the reporter said loudly enough.

That’s why I listen to Trump speeches and rallies in their long form whenever I can. You just can’t trust the media— not even Fox News— to give you the accurate story in their sound bites.  I invite every reader of this blog to do the same. Listen to the candidates’ WHOLE speeches, townhalls, interviews and rallies. Don’t let the media do your thinking for you. If you are a grownup and/or old enough to vote, this is what you must do.

Disclaimer: I came into this campaign season supporting Fiorina and/or Carson. I warmed up to Cruz later. I’m not thrilled with Trump because of his weakness on life issues and his failure to reject Big Government. But, better him than Mrs. Bill Clinton or Comrade Sanders.

Celebrate; Important Political Announcement

Barack-Obama-in-The-Lying-King--110199In honor of today’s national holiday, I am making this announcement: I am GIVING UP my writing forever, even though I have 3 good works-in-progress.

I am going to devote the rest of my life to starting a new political party, the American Monarchist Party. We will amend the US Constitution to replace the President with a King or Queen. We will ask all the remaining royal families of the Earth to donate spare genetic material and create our first Monarch in a test tube.

Until our Monarch comes of age at age 31 (another new Constitutional Amendment), I volunteer for the thankless task of serving as Regent and exercising absolute power. (Run and hide, Disney.) So, in 2016, forget the Dems, the Communist dude and the GOP. Vote Monarchist!


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Has Bernie Sanders’ Candidacy Destroyed the Democrat Party?

Bernie-Sanders-Called-Communist-by-New-York-PostThe left-slanted mainstream news media loves to predict that the political party they hate will be destroyed by a certain candidate they  really don’t like. But what about the party they promote through their biased news stories?

The Democrat party has as one of two major candidates a man who is not a part of the Democrat party. Who does not claim to be a part of the Democrat party. Who has rejected the Democrat party in favor of ‘democratic’ Socialism.  He currently claims to be a European-style socialist, but he honeymooned in the Soviet Union and that didn’t put him off socialism. I would not trust him.

Now, of course, none of the socialist/Marxist/communist parties in the US has a hope in hell of getting their candidates elected to office at any level, except perhaps to city councils and school boards in certain troubled major cities. But the idea that a socialist can simply run in the Democrat party primaries— and beat out their current Chosen One candidate, former First Lady Hillary Clinton, in several states— should be alarming to any American.

Why? Number one, a minor party candidate running for one of the major party’s nomination is pretty dishonest. Second, it paves the way to replacing the two party system with one of many parties— or with a one-party state which seems to be more popular with the Left as they automatically demonize every non-Leftist candidate as a racist, sexist and ‘h8ter.’

What happens when the Democrats or Socialists get the notion to run candidates in the Republican primaries as well as the Democrat ones? What happens when the Republicans retaliate and do the same thing?

The two-party system, flawed as it is, ensures that winning candidates have the support of more than half the electorate, or at least close to that. Countries with viable third parties often have to make concessions to tiny, radical parties in order to have functioning governments. A one-party system, on the other hand, makes voters feel like they have no real choices.

Many of us have been made disgusted by the ‘partisanship’ of one or both parties in the US. But look at how extreme the differences between the two parties now are. One party supports killing of unborn children and of sick people who can be persuaded to consider assisted suicide. In Oregon, their rationed health care Medicaid system means they refuse to treat advanced cancers— but offer the victims of that policy free assisted suicide. And the concept of freedom of religion has been literally abandoned, since now it’s controversial to pass a religious freedom law that would have protected the right of pastors to refuse to officiate at same-sex ‘marriage’ ceremonies in violation of their faith— and Disney Corporation threatened a boycott to pressure the conservative governor into vetoing this religious freedom measure. [Even though interracial marriages and marriages after divorce have been legal since forever, pastors have been free to decline to officiate at these if they felt it was not acceptable to their faith and no laws have been passed to force the issue.]

It stands to reason as the political parties grow further and further apart, each party will have to be more ‘partisan’ just to stand up for its most basic values. But the answer isn’t to reject political parties to end ‘partisanship.’ The answer is to get informed, use multiple alternative news sources along with the mainstream media, and support the party that best follows your own personal values. If you don’t participate, you are ‘voting’ for the worst possible choice— rule by the ignorant, like those people interviewed recently who could not for the life of them identify who the vice-president of the US was, or that college-age fellow a few years back who said he voted for Obama because ‘he’s da MAN!’ America needs better than that.

Could better lie-detection technology help screen refugees?

Aylan-Kurdi-628x328-refugiados-europaThe refugee crisis caused by the ‘Islamic State’ has lead to floods of refugees fleeing to find a safe place to live. Yet ISIS has tried to cut off aid to refugees by claiming to have placed many ISIS members among the refugees, and by staging terror attacks to frighten off those who want to take the refugees in to their countries.

The difficult part is to find out which refugees are sincere frightened people without terrorist ties or criminal records including violent crime. And one thing I wondered was whether lie-detection technology could help screen refugees.

The results of a lie-detector test is not admissible in US courts. But it is reliable enough that police detectives routinely take a lie-detector test that indicates the suspect is truthful to mean that the suspect is very unlikely to be the guilty party and start looking for other suspects.

But the problem is that there is a limited number of skilled polygraph examiners. What I was wondering— though I have no knowledge of polygraph and lie-detection technology— was whether we can use computers to read a lie-detector examination and give out a reading of truthful, deceptive or inconclusive.

The test would probably have to be laid out in a rigorous way, using a set of yes-no questions. People would have to be trained in how to administer the basic examination. A skilled polygraph examiner would have to set up the programming, showing it which patterns indicate deception or truthfulness. Then the machine could score the examinations of many, many refugees or apparent refugees.

Since many of the refugees have lost personal records, and the records from their war-torn home towns are not available, this would be one method of screening that could help. It would not get every future terrorist or criminal— especially since some of these people might turn to terrorism or crime AFTER they have been taken in by some country as refugees. But certainly it would screen out some, and allow countries to take in more of those in such desperate need of refuge that they are willing to risk their lives and the lives of their children to leave their homeland.

Other useful measures have been suggested— like examining the social media accounts of those people who have such things. We need to use whatever methods we can to protect our nations while rescuing as many people as we can from ISIS horrors. And why not rescue some of the Christian refugees as well, since they are major targets and would not be welcome as ISIS members? Just a thought, folks, just a thought.

Poem of the Day

And now, something a little less grim than ISIS and drowned refugee babies: the best haiku in the history of ever.


Don’t look at my face.
No change, just large bills.
One wrong move will be your last.

by Paul Violi

This poem is taken from the book ‘Haiku in English: The First Hundred Years.’ Violi’s haiku, which is 5-5-7 syllables instead of the usual 5-7-5, is on page xxxiv of the Introduction.

March for Life 2016, fighting the evils of abortion & euthanasia

The March for Life is on today, and I’m watching the coverage on EWTN, the Catholic television channel. And it’s sad that so many people will refuse to watch the March and find out what the March is about. So many people don’t even know that the ‘Roe’ from the Roe v. Wade decision is now prolife. They don’t know how many young people like Lila Rose have become prolife advocates. And they don’t know about the Black Genocide— the fact that nearly 1 out of every 2 Black babies conceived dies by abortion.

I was not always prolife. During my youthful Marxist phase I was feminist and pro-abortion. From my childhood to my college years I had been prolife, and could not conceive of thinking any other way. My ‘conversion’ was not caused by discovering new facts about abortion and about when biological human life begins. It came because I was embracing a new way of political thinking, and abortion was a required part of being a Marxist and a feminist. The root cause of all these changes in my thinking was based more on being mad at God for not being what I wanted God to be, and in part because I had realized I had a gay sexual orientation and thought I would be an outcast from any Christian church that was worth joining.

I later discovered how false that is. When I joined the Catholic church I told people I was gay, and though I was already living a chaste life I didn’t expect to become ‘ex-gay’. No one said I couldn’t join the church. Some said kind things like ‘you are so brave!’ That isn’t entirely true, but you sure need a good dose of courage to be ‘out’ as a chaste, conservative and Catholic gay woman. Left-wingers would have eaten me alive if I had let them.

I think the most important thing to remember on the day of the March for Life is that we who are prolife cherish all life— even the lives of people who defend abortion, infanticide and euthanasia. We don’t hate women who have had abortions, since many post-abortive women are now cherished members of the prolife movement. We can be civil even to those of our fellow humans who earn a living as abortionist. We pray for them, and for the day when they repent and go to their first March for Life.

The feminist/proabortion movement can’t attain that level of civility, but we can’t really expect that. When you have decided that some human beings— those in the womb– can legally be killed, you can’t be expected to place as high a value on civil behavior. I respect the feminists right to their extreme opinions. But I won’t be a part of what they believe any more, which is why I am a Woman Against Feminism. (Angry feminists, please feel free to express your rage in the comments. Remembering to keep it clean or it won’t get published.)

Questions: Have you ever been to a March for Life? Or done any other prolife activity? What was it like?

Poem of the Day

I’m starting this blog feature appending poems to blog posts by offending everyone: I am sharing one of my own poems first, and it is a prolife poem decrying forced abortion and governmental control of childbearing in China. The poem used to be called ‘one child policy’, now, due to a change in China’s policy, the title has changed.

two child policy

while they are waiting
for the poison shot
chinese women sit together
and talk of small things

*there are beetles among my squash plants.*
*i need new knitting patterns.*

Nissa Annakindt 2013 – sijo (a Korean poetic form, similar to haiku)

To learn more about sijo poetry: http://www.writersdigest.com/whats-new/sijo-poetic-form


Why we must raise the voting age to 27.

Voting. It’s not a joke. The congressmen and president we pick make the difference between losing even more Constitutional rights or regaining some of the ones we’ve lost. And because voting is such an important thing, we shouldn’t leave it to children. Even overage children.

Let’s think back to the year 1904, for example. Most kids didn’t go on to high school back then. They left school at eighth grade graduation (or before) and got jobs. Serious jobs. Ones they knew they might be doing the rest of their lives. And they didn’t use their pay as ‘mad money’ but used it to support themselves and their families. By the time they got to vote for the first time at age 21, they had been a part of the adult world for a number of years.

And now, we have eternal children who go to dumbed-down colleges and universities for years in the hope that they will get out and be handed a job as one of the bosses, with no hard work involved. They take out massive student loans that they plan to pay back with fantasy money from their fantasy job.

These eternal children may have held jobs, but those jobs were just to pay for their little luxuries— their cars, their bar visits, their smartphones. If they live at home, they don’t pay for their rent, board and free laundry service. They take it as something owed them.

They pick a college major based on what pleases them, not on what could get them a job. And as for their educational level— most of them cannot write a hate-comment on a conservative FB page that has correct spelling and grammar.

The government has begun to acknowledge the fact of prolonged childhood in its laws. One law regarded children up to 27 as children as far as being a dependent on mommy or daddy’s health insurance. Another law extended childhood up to 30.

Now, why should we regard these eternal children as grownups when they have not yet become accustomed to the real world of work and self-support? We see the result in the young stupids who know nothing of the political issues of the day, but voted for Obama because ‘he’s da MAN!’

We need more adult voters. And so it is time to raise the voting age to 27. I know, to compare to the 1904 experience we should raise it even higher, say 35, to insure that even the late bloomers get a taste of real life before getting in the voting booth, but that would be too unfair to those young people with a premature sense of adult responsibility who started adult life earlier instead of drifting through college life, majoring in binge drinking.

If voting began at 27, young people would have more years to start to question the indoctrination they got from their teachers the way they have been ordered to question their religion (if Christian or Jewish) and the wisdom of the US Constitution. They would perhaps even learn to question some of their less-reliable information sources, such as Left-wing political comedy shows.

Even if raising the voting age to 27 only resulted in a 10% reduction in no-information voters, that would translate into politicians having to have more than popular sound-bites and slogans. They would have to look into having a bit of substance. And we could certainly use more of that.

A Christmas-season trip to the Menominee county food bank.

St. Stephen's Lutheran Church ELCA, Stephenson, MI

St. Stephen’s Lutheran Church ELCA, Stephenson, MI

Today I made a trip to the Mid-County food bank, which is run by ministers of various churches in mid-Menominee county. The actual location where you go to pick up the food is in a Lutheran-ELCA church in the town of Stephenson.

The food bank has changed a lot from the last time I saw it. They now have a marked entrance to the food bank on the side of the church building, with a large Food Bank sign. Since the side of the church faces the road on which Stephenson’s one grocery store is located, I’ll bet a lot of people who didn’t know about the food bank know about it now from reading the sign on a trip to the grocery store.

They also have remodeled the area where the food bank is held. I think the food is still kept on shelves in the same area, but the waiting area is now in the same room where the door to the food bank is, and you now don’t have to take a number.

They have changed some policies. They now require you to have a photo ID with your address on it to get food there. But they are accommodating if you happen to have misplaced your photo ID. They will accept anything that shows your address, which proves you live in the area the food bank serves. (They don’t want you to collect food at their food bank and then at the one in Marinette.)

They also have a prominent sign that each household may come to the food bank only once a month. You get a bag of food for each household member, so if you are on food stamps and can’t feed your family on the shrinking food stamp amount, you get about enough to fill in the gap when your food stamp money runs out.

A little known secret of the food bank— they get lots and lots of dried beans and other dried legumes (lentils, peas and beans are legumes). And since most poor people don’t know how to cook dried beans and turn them into food, a lot gets thrown out when the expiration date rolls around. (They are not allowed to hand out any expired food— even though I’ve eaten lentils ten years expired and they made perfectly fine soup.)

Since the food bank now has some large freezers in the back, they had some frozen ground venison to give out. My friend Rev. John Lindt who is on the board of the food bank told me how they get the venison. When deer are doing major damage to the crops of a local farmer, the farmer can get a special permit from the DNR to hunt the offending deer. The farmer may donate it to the food bank, which gets the carcass processed and frozen.

At this particular food bank, the customers are not allowed directly in the room where the food is. There is a service window, and the volunteers fill your bag. They ask you what kind of food you can use. I told them I was on a special diet for health reasons so they would understand why I couldn’t take the hamburger helper or pasta or other high-carb options. They actually brought food items over to me so I could read the label on some things before they put it in my bag.

One nice thing is that they also give out a roll of toilet paper and one of paper towels. For poor people on the various forms of government aid, this is essential. Food stamps don’t pay for anything but food. And your SSI disability or welfare check is only meant for paying your home heating, electricity, rent or property tax, and other things like that. There is nothing given for things like paper products or soap and laundry detergent.

Most of the people I’ve seen on my visits to the food bank are behaving well. But all of them are going through a lot of negative emotions. Going to a food bank, like going on welfare programs, is absolute proof that you have fallen out of the middle class. It makes a person fearful, depressed, and even angry. Mostly angry at fate, or at yourself for your mistakes and failures, but sometimes I am sure people transfer their anger towards the food bank volunteers and their rules. So if you ever see a food bank recipient who gets snippy with the food bank volunteers or bitches about the rules, don’t assume that all poor people are ungrateful, lazy-ass bums. Sometimes it’s just a matter of being in pain. (I made a point of saying thank you— twice— to make up for those who are too depressed to say it.)

Now, if a certain type of person reads this post they may decide I am an evil lazy bum for going to a food bank when I have access to the internet. But really— don’t people know you can get internet access through public libraries? I’ve read about an actual homeless woman who kept a blog, turned it into a book, and had it sell well enough to let her stop being homeless. And there is also the fact that some food bank bums have relatives or friends who pay for internet access devices and service. So don’t get so judgmental. Anyone can lose a job. Anyone might be or become disabled. Anyone, then, can be down and out and need the help of the kind people who donate to the food bank. So let’s just be grateful that there are some out there who still care for the less fortunate— as the Bible commands— without getting all judgmental about it— as the Bible forbids.

Oaths of office need not be sworn on Bible

Some people are confused about the US Constitution on the issue of taking an oath of office. They believe that the Constitution requires the person to put a hand on the Holy Bible while swearing (or affirming) the oath.

This is not true. Get out your personal copy of the Constitution and check it out. The use of the Bible is simply a pious custom which originated when George Washington used a Bible borrowed from a Masonic lodge to take his oath. While many presidents have followed this custom, some have not, without intending insult to God. John Quincy Adams and Franklin Pierce both had their hands on a lawbook. And after the assassination of President Kennedy, Johnson, a Protestant, swore the oath on a Catholic prayer book belonging to the slain president.

For a Christian, taking an oath with one hand on the Bible is a symbol that they are swearing in the presence of the God of the Bible. But what if the newly elected official is not a Christian and does not believe that the Christian Bible is from God? Would it not be hypocritical for such a person to swear on the Bible?

A Jewish person who rejects the Christian New Testament might bring his own Jewish Bible for the oath, or, alternatively, make a mental reservation that he is swearing only on the Jewish portion of the Bible if using a Christian edition. But what about other faiths?

There have been some instances in which a Muslim has been elected to a US office and has sworn on the Quran. People got upset. But isn’t it an act of moral courage for a Muslim elected official to insist on placing his hand on the book he actually believes in for the oath, rather than putting a hand on a Bible that he believes is a flawed account? As a believing Christian I applaud that honesty.

But what if an atheist got elected and put his hand on a bigoted atheist book? Or what if a Satanist put his hand on a Satanic book? Well, that is in great part the fault of the voters. If you don’t think a bigoted-type atheist or a Satanist should hold office, don’t elect him. And it is perfectly permissible for a Christian, Jewish or Muslim judge to refuse to administer an oath taken on a highly offensive book. A more sensible atheist might choose to use no book at all for his oath, or perhaps use a lawbook, rather than choosing something bigoted which he doesn’t hold to be God’s sacred word anyway.