Conservative? Christian? There are Alternatives to Stephen King

If only Stephen King didn't have to hate people like me...

If only Stephen King didn’t have to hate people like me…

Stephen King’s been showing his bigotry towards Christians and conservatives (Tea Party members) on Twitter.  He doesn’t even bother to find out about the charitable work Glenn Beck’s been doing for illegal immigrant children in this current crisis before he insults the man. And since the insult is to call Beck ‘Satan’s mentally challenged younger brother’, looks like there is some bigotry towards the mentally challenged going on here too.

I used to be Stephen King’s number one fan. He even wrote a book about it (bits of it are totally fictional, I assure you.) I was a leftist at the time. But then, since my mind is not totally closed, I began to think for myself and began drifting in a conservative direction. Then I unexpectedly became Catholic. REAL Catholic, which means, since I am a person with Gay sexual orientation, I realized that becoming a Catholic meant saying ‘yes’ to living a life of chastity. So I became toxic waste to people like Stephen King. It’s hard to obsessively love an author you know will hate you. It breaks my heart….

If Stephen King is breaking YOUR heart, too, don’t despair. There are authors out there that don’t hate all Christians or all conservatives, often because they ARE Christian or conservative. For Example:

Dean R. Koontz— I always knew he was über-popular, but I didn’t know he was Catholic until I saw him interviewed on The World Over on television network EWTN.

Orson Scott Card— Another author I love obsessively. He does have Democrat party leanings, but he’s a member of the Mormon (LDS) church and won’t reject all his church’s teachings the way leftists want him to. So he’s often tagged as a ‘vicious homophobe’ by internet leftists.

Brad Thor— This thriller author is very popular with conservative/libertarian readers. Haven’t read him yet (I don’t think) since I don’t much read thrillers.

Andrew Peterson— He’s a Christian (Evangelical?) fantasy author as well as being a musician. I should be writing a blog tour post for his latest book, The Warden and the Wolf King, right now. (Be patient, Andrew, I’m getting to it.)

Karina Fabian— She’s kind of a friend of mine— on Facebook, anyway. She’s a Catholic and writes books about dragons who are private detectives, and zombie exterminators. Among other things.

Declan Finn— Author of the thriller A Pius Man among other things. A Catholic, and another of my Facebook friends.

So— what do you think of the Stephen King thing? Did he go too far? Or should only people who think like Stephen King be allowed to be published writers? If you do think Stephen King went too far, should people boycott him? Which authors should they read instead?