My Secret for Added Writing Power/Birth of a Novel blog hop

birth of a novel

This is a post in the Birth of a Novel weekly blog hop.

I’m afraid I didn’t get much actual wordage added to my WIP, a short story tentatively titled ‘The Welcoming Church’— about 500 words I think. But I did start some things that have added to my writing power. Mainly, things that involve turning to my Higher Power. [If unfamiliar with the term ‘Welcoming Church’, look here: — and remember I haven’t said what my position on this is, only that I’m writing a story about it.]

My Higher Power is God, and God’s Son, Jesus Christ, along with the Holy Spirit. I know that turns people off. But I’ve tried other Higher Powers— the Wiccan goddess, Odinist gods such as Odin, Thor, Freyja, Sif and Nanna, and the almighty non-god of the Marxist dialectic— and they just don’t pack much of a punch in my experience.

I’ve started daily readings of the complete Bible using a Bible reading plan I found online at:      This is different from the read-the-Bible-in-a-year plans I knew as a child because it gets you through the COMPLETE Bible as the Church used it since the canon of the New Testament was decided on. There are some Old Testament books that are removed from most Protestant Bibles these days— but they were translated in the Martin Luther Bible translation into German and the King James Version in English, and Jesus actually quoted from the books. So it’s great to have them included in this plan— even non-Catholics might want to read them.

Bible reading not only has a religious value but a cultural literacy one. Which is one reason I usually use the King James Version Bible translation— it is the Bible translation most used in literary quotations. I’ve heard it estimated that if all Bibles vanished overnight you could reconstruct one using all the Bible quotations in English language books!

Prayer is another thing. Not just prayer asking God to fix things for ME. There is such a thing as intercessory prayer, when we pray for the needs of other people. Just today I’m praying for a friend who is undergoing some tribulations today. I’ve even walked to a nearby church to say a few prayers. As a Catholic I pray the rosary, and also have been using a prayer book called the ‘Little Office’ which is kind of similar to the Liturgy of the Hours (Daily Office, Breviary) prayers you may have read about in history books.

Other people of course do not share my beliefs. They may have different conceptions of a Higher Power. But I personally believe that when you connect to your Higher Power, at least you don’t feel so alone in your writing struggles. You’ve got Someone bigger than you and stronger than you on your side.

Have you ever turned to God/your Higher Power in regards to your writing? Did it help you?