Bloggers: You’ve got to be a hooker to get ahead

Kitten Therese after her bath.

Kitten Therese after her bath.

You have a blog, and you’ve just written a great blog post. Or a not-so-bad blog post. Or a bad blog post with a cute kitten picture in it (that’s my technique). How do you go about getting people to read it?

I’m the admin of a Facebook group called Christian Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers. Every now and again a new group member promotes their blog by cutting-and-pasting a blog post’s URL and posting it to the group. No intro, no explanation, just the bare URL and whatever Facebook puts up along with it.

Some people use their Facebook pages— personal or other— in the same way. They do it with Twitter. And they are all wrong.

People, sadly, are not born with an innate desire to read YOUR writing. And so, you need to give them a reason to read.

For example: “I just wrote a blog post about methods of toilet cleaning at [URL]. What do you think of it?”

Or, “Have you noticed in the past three days all Democrats have dyed their hair blue? Why do you think they are doing that? [URL].

Now, I post my blog posts to 2 Facebook pages— my personal page and my page Nissa Annakindt, writer, Aspie, cat person— using Networked Blogs so I don’t have a chance to be fancy with intros and such.

In this case, the only way to hook readers is through your post title. For example, in this post instead of talking about hooking your readers, I used the phrase ‘be a hooker’ to get the same meaning across. I’m hoping it might get attention. And I put ‘Bloggers’ specifically because I’m hoping to find some readers looking to get more readers for their blog.

On Twitter, which I don’t use very well, I no longer have it set up to automatically tweet my blog posts. I do that individually so I can make it interesting and put in a useful #hashtag. I also usually post the kitten picture from the top of the blog post on Twitter with the blog post.

So, the next time you decide to post a link to your blog post on Facebook or Twitter, stop and think first. How can you best hook a reader?