V is for (Zombie) Vulnerabilities

VWill zombies take over the world? Has the human race no hope? Actually, there is hope, and that is because zombies have vulnerabilities. These vulnerabilities limit what zombies can do, and can be exploited by humans. Here are a few of the vulnerabilities.

Low Intelligence – Zombies cannot think. Even mentally retarded humans can outsmart a zombie. Heck, a good border collie can out-think a zombie.

Clumsiness – Zombies have poor motor skills. They don’t walk, they shamble. They can’t climb fences. They can’t open car doors. They have trouble climbing stairs. If they break a window to get at humans, it is an accident caused by a zombie crowd pressing against the glass.

Non-healing – Zombies either don’t heal at all, or they heal very, very slowly and perhaps incompletely. Wounded zombies are less effective at harming humans, especially if said zombies have lost limbs.

Soft skulls – On The Walking Dead at least, it seems like zombies have softer skulls. That’s why even women are able to kill a zombie by punching a short-bladed knife through the skull. With humans, you can shoot them in the head with a .22 and it might not crack the skull.

Attracted to fire and gunshots – This is a rather silly addition to zombie lore made by The Walking Dead. If zombies will walk into fire and toward gunshots, it’s fairly easy to dispose of them in large numbers with a little pre-planning.

Eat their ‘children’ – How do zombies reproduce? They bite humans, who die and turn. What do zombies eat? Humans. On The Walking Dead we’ve seen zombies swarm a person, eating away, pulling out intestines— what kind of zombie will that person become when reanimated? Zombies just can’t think about the future.

Decomposition – If zombies are really decomposing, they are a self-limiting phenomenon. They can’t digest food if their digestive system is rotting. And in time, a rotting zombie will fall apart and ‘die.’ All humans would have to do is lock themselves in bunkers for a few months and the zombie problem solves itself. (I would opine that the apparent decomposition of zombies is either limited to some external parts or that it is some other phenomenon altogether.)

Zombies are vulnerable. Even The Walking Dead acknowledges it— the only time zombies are a real threat is when they come in large groups so even the experienced zombie-killers can’t keep up with killing them.

This is a post in the Blogging from A to Z Challenge: http://www.a-to-zchallenge.com/ I’m not doing so well keeping up. I’d like to thank the folks that have commented on my posts. It makes me feel like my blog matters, and maybe I even matter.

A is for (Zombie) Apocalypse

Ever notice there is never a zombie exterminator around when you need one?

Ever notice there is never a zombie exterminator around when you need one?

This is a post in the Blogging from A to Z Challenge. http://www.a-to-zchallenge.com/

A is for apocalypse. Which can mean ‘an unveiling’, or be the name of the last book of the New Testament, or it can refer to the Christian end times. Or, it can mean there are undead guys roaming your backyard and you have to find the crossbow before the chickens get eaten.

Why is the zombie apocalypse, as in The Walking Dead, so popular? My theory is it is because many of us have seen the signs and know that it’s quite likely that human society as we know it will collapse during our lifetime. Only if you talk about your actual concerns— fiat currency, terrorists hiding among refugees, college students who demand to be protected from the knowledge that some people vote for a different candidate than they do— that’s not politically correct. And that can cost you your job, home, business, family and/or survival supplies. So: let’s pretend we are prepping to fight zombies, instead.

So: zombie apocalypse. It may not entirely make me forget about the priest who got crucified on Easter (supposedly), but at least when Daryl gets murdered by Dwight I don’t have to worry that I’m next, or fret that I am running low on crossbow bolts.

Neeta Lyffe, Zombie Exterminator by Karina Fabian. Funny, smart, and full of zombies, order it so you have something to cheer you up in the wake of this Sunday’s Walking Dead episode.