B is for Butch

A2Z-BADGE-0002014-small_zps8300775cBlogging from A to Z April Challenge

The word of the day is ‘butch’, as in why do ‘strong female characters’ have to be so…. I mean, really! Think of the last few ‘strong female characters’ you’ve read about. Are any of them housewives? Mothers? Do any of them know how to cook, or sew a dress? No, they’re all off swinging swords or shooting arrows or doing something else macho.

One of the causes is ‘obligatory feminism’. I mean, it seems that even women who hate abortion and don’t think wearing a bra is part of a patriarchal conspiracy feel that they have to call themselves ‘conservative feminists’ or ‘Christian feminists’ or some such, and have to praise those oh-so-butch ‘strong female characters’.

But I’m proud to say I’m no longer a feminist, and as a non-feminist, I believe that women don’t have to give up the female role and adopt a male one to be ‘strong’ or interesting.