Why don’t folks just LISTEN to Donald Trump?

donald-trumpThink about the things you know about Presidential candidate Donald Trump. How many of them do you actually KNOW are true?

Time after time I’ve heard the mainstream media blaring about Trump: Trump said THIS! Trump is THAT!  Only when you come to check the story out, there is a problem.

The news guys have a technique to spread disinformation. They will have a story— so-and-so said this shocking thing. But they don’t run the tape of so-and-so saying the unforgivable thing. They show a picture of so-and-so while the reporter tells you what so-and-so said and what that means. Often, there is no clear-cut divide between the alleged quote and the reporter’s opinion of what it really means.

This technique is used often with Donald Trump. Often, if the video of the event ever is shown, you can see the quote wasn’t quite accurate or meant something different in the original context. Sometimes the quote isn’t even from Trump, but was a statement/question from a hostile reporter, which is attributed to Trump because the man failed to reject what the reporter said loudly enough.

That’s why I listen to Trump speeches and rallies in their long form whenever I can. You just can’t trust the media— not even Fox News— to give you the accurate story in their sound bites.  I invite every reader of this blog to do the same. Listen to the candidates’ WHOLE speeches, townhalls, interviews and rallies. Don’t let the media do your thinking for you. If you are a grownup and/or old enough to vote, this is what you must do.

Disclaimer: I came into this campaign season supporting Fiorina and/or Carson. I warmed up to Cruz later. I’m not thrilled with Trump because of his weakness on life issues and his failure to reject Big Government. But, better him than Mrs. Bill Clinton or Comrade Sanders.


Is Donald Trump Lying about his Church Attendance?

TrumpMany people who favor Donald Trump as a presidential candidate excuse some of the harsh and cruel things Trump says from time to time by saying that Trump is just being honest. But is he?

Trump, when asked about his church affiliation, named a church and says he goes there ‘a lot’. But the church says he is not an active member. He also claims to love the Bible but couldn’t name a favorite Bible verse. My concern about that is that he may be deceiving people by making these claims about his church activity and Bible reading to get votes.

I think a truly honest man would say ‘I only rarely get to church because of my business activities’ and ‘I don’t have time in my busy life to read the Bible as often as I should.’ Because if a man is any sort of a faithful Christian he certainly would not want to claim a level of church attendance and Bible reading he hadn’t achieved.

I wish that some fair-minded reporters who don’t hate the GOP and who want to give Trump a fair chance would look in to some of the claims Trump makes. For example, Trump says he has given up his former pro-abort position and now is prolife— though he won’t defund the Planned Parenthood abortion mills.

Someone should find out which prolife organizations Trump has given donations to, and which prolife protests and events he has attended. And which prolife leaders he has met with personally.

I am bothered when prolife Christian people proclaim that Trump is the only honest candidate and the only one who will take prolife actions such as defund Planned Parenthood. These people need to do their homework and investigate Trump and the other candidates. Christians believe we live in a fallen world, tainted by human sin. We should keep that in mind and not give any political candidate automatic trust. As Ronald Reagan said, trust but verify.

Even if Trump turns out to be a honest Christian man who has developed strong connections with the prolife community, it is wise at this point in the political game to have more than one candidate on your list. Any one candidate could have to drop out of the race for any number of reasons. Or pass away from an unexpected heart attack. We need to be prepared to support other candidates in the event our guy isn’t the nominee. Remember, it may have been people who stayed home on election day because of a dislike of Mitt Romney that gave us a second Obama term.

Source Article:

The Blaze: The Church That Donald Trump Says he Goes To ‘A Lot’ Says He’s Not An ‘Active Member.’

To be fair to Trump, we must remember that the church may have a different idea of what going to church ‘a lot’ means than a busy businessman like Donald Trump. And there may be a political ax to grind, especially if the congregation is affiliated with the liberal Presbyterian body that accepts abortion, gay marriage, and varying definitions of the role of Jesus Christ. We have to ‘trust but verify’ with church spokesmen, too.

Trump: Great for Women’s Health?

TrumpPresidential candidate Donald Trump clarified his policy on ‘women’s health’. He says he would be great for woman’s health. OK, maybe he hasn’t had time to put together a comprehensive plan. Or a sketchy plan.

The problem is that ‘women’s health’ in US political discourse is most often a code for abortion and abortion-causing ‘contraceptives’. Perhaps he is too new to being prolife to be aware of that.

Here are some things I’d like to hear from Trump on ‘women’s health’.

  • He should question why women’s health is a different issue from men’s health and children’s health. Isn’t that discriminatory? Shouldn’t ‘women’s health’ be covered in the same way as health care in general?
  • He should point out that if health care hadn’t been nationalized through Obamacare, most women could have choices about their health care coverage.
  • He should read up on Planned Parenthood so he will realize that this is a scandal-plagued organization that is all about abortion and advocacy for abortion. They also seem to encourage teen sex— even teen kinky sex— rather than take the common-sense approach of encouraging teens to NOT have sex.
  • He should be willing to defund ALL of Planned Parenthood so that poor women can get their health care from a full-service clinic not an abortion mill.
  • He should apologize for criticizing Jeb Bush for his controversial remark (or verbal miscue) on women’s health. Trump may not be aware of it, but he’s said a controversial thing or two himself.

Since Trump is not Hillary Clinton or the other socialist candidate, Sanders, he is certainly worth taking a look at. But in interviews and the debate his ideas seem so sketchy. He needs to be prepared to flesh these ideas out enough so that his many supporters can feel more confident that he really has a plan.

I believe part of the problem is that when confronted with an uncomfortable question, he tends to either ramble on with not-quite-related subjects, or blame the person that gave the question for being unfair. Trump must realize that campaigning for president guarantees that no one will be fair. That’s the name of the game and even candidates favored by the media can at a moment’s notice be shot down. And questions tend to run from the unfair to the absolutely vicious. Remember that debate when the anti-death-penalty candidate was asked what position he would take on that issue if his wife were raped and murdered? Since the man answered the question about his political position instead of breaking down and crying at the idea of a murdered wife, he was declared a big debate loser.

I believe Trump has brought a new excitement to the presidential race. But if he doesn’t get his act together, it will be one of his many rivals who will benefit from that excitement.