I’m Learning about Facebook Author Pages

How do you go about using Facebook Author pages these days? When I first started mine, there were a few things I could do to get more ‘likes’ and Facebook kindly showed ALL my posts to ALL my followers for free.

Those days are gone. Every time I write a post on my author page Facebook invites me to spend money to turn it in to an ad. If I had money to spend I could find a better use for it.

I had thought of deleting that page altogether and making my blog posts here syndicate to my personal FB page. But WordPress won’t let you syndicate to a personal page or a group now. So I have to try to revive my FB author page from the Facebook coffin. Anyone know a good Voodoo bokor?

I do know a few things. When I got stray advice not to post on my author blog unless I was announcing a new book coming out (my last was in 2014) I knew that advice was bogus. Facebook pages are like blogs— if you rarely post, you lose all your fans/followers and your Facebook page or blog goes dead.

I am doing some research on FB author pages and will be sharing what I learn on this blog. In addition, I am working on the page on this blog about FB author pages. I am listing the author pages by genre now, and adding a few well-known writers who have active pages.

If you want your FB author pages listed on my page dedicated to that on this blog, go to my Contact Me page, give me your FB author page URL and your primary genre (I don’t list erotica/erotic romance, but otherwise the list is multi-genre.) I will put you up when I can. I do NOT ask for a link to my author page or this blog on your blog, though you can if you care to.

The main thing I know about author FB pages is that like your other author online presence, it should reflect who you are as an author or aspiring author. And it should be active! If you haven’t posted on your author page since 2016, maybe you should post a little something today. Something minor even, a funny graphic about writing, a picture of your cat, something about a good book you are reading. Just so your author page has a breath of life.

Thank you for reading this blog post,

Nissa Annakindt

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Are Facebook Author Pages now Worthless and Not Worth Doing?

Once upon a time, Facebook pages were good. I had one on a controversial topic that got a lot of attention and followers, and I had a Facebook author page that got a bit of attention because I followed other author-pages as my page, and got some interaction by looking at my author-page’s feed and interacting.

Then Facebook decided to monetize their pages. If you weren’t willing to turn every post into a Facebook ad, they showed your post to fewer and fewer of the people who had liked the page in the first place. My Facebook author page became more like talking to myself.

Another bad change: there was no longer a news feed specific to my author page, consisting of posts from pages I had liked as my page. This was my main strategy to grow all my Facebook pages! I’d like a bunch of pages related to my page— in the case of the author page, other author pages— and look at the feed, share stuff, hope some of my posts would get shared in return.

OK, I know that some internet bullies were starting Facebook pages to do their bullying with, making it harder to deal with them since if their page was disciplined for abuse, they would usually not lose their account— that fate seems to be reserved for Christian and/or conservative page owners who don’t bully but do express ideas  that Facebook doesn’t care for.

I have searched and searched for tricks to make my Facebook author page’s posts more visible, but I have concluded it is more work than it is worth at this point.

What are alternatives? I have my personal Facebook account, but I use that for contact with family and one of my Facebook ‘friends’ interfered with a discussion I was having with my sister-in-law about her actually notifying me about when the family Thanksgiving dinner was taking place and if I was invited instead of putting it as a message I wouldn’t see. ‘Friend’ accused my of having a ‘pity party’ whatever that means. I guess I’m not allowed to like being excluded from things because family members take my Asperger Syndrome ways as signs I don’t want to be included.

I’ve thought of started a new Facebook account to take the place of my page. I don’t know if that would be a good idea. My family might not respond if the new page is for family, and I have a lot of friends on my current account.

Then there is the idea of using my Twitter account to replace my Facebook author page. I syndicate my page posts to Twitter and use Buffer to promote the posts as well, and it works. But I don’t like the amount of hate and bullying there is on Twitter. Plus, I know people who have had their accounts suspended for expressing conservative or Christian thoughts, or for being retweeted by the President.

Since I want to build up this blog to help sales of my current and future books, I’m looking for new and better strategies, now that Facebook has ruined the Facebook author pages for the sake of more money.