Law & Order SVU’s latest Christian-hate episode was just sad

Law & Order SVU has just been on the air too long. Most of the original characters have moved on, and they are running out of GOOD episode ideas. The BAD ideas, however, remain.

Last night’s episode featured a common motif: demonizing ‘evangelical’ Christians. Story featured an allegedly evangelical church from one of the ‘flyover’ states. Church taught that homosexual acts are a sin— which is part of what the Bible teaches. But this church taught that raping a gay person cured them.

They called that doctrine ‘reparative rape,’ as a way to demonize reparative therapy. Now, since I have same-sex attraction (gay tendencies) I know about REAL reparative therapy. Some of my friends in the Courage FB group have a high opinion of that therapy— which is voluntary, performed by a qualified therapist who may or may not be Christian, and does NOT involve rape.

If a church such as the fictional one in the episode existed, other evangelical churches would be fighting it as a cult such as Scientology or the Branch Davidians— both of which are cults which harmed their members.

In real Christian teaching, rape is a form of fornication (sex outside of legitimate man-woman marriage) and anyone who encouraged such a sin would be considered a heretic or a false teacher.

If it is wrong to hate people for being Black, Jewish, Muslim or Gay, why is this kind of hatred OK on broadcast TV? And wouldn’t it be better for TV shows NOT to insult the majority religion in this country if they want to build their viewership?

I still like Law & Order SVU. But I’d rather watch their good, entertaining, thoughtful episodes from the past— such as the foot-fetish-guy one, which I watch almost every time it’s on— rather than a new episode of this type.

What could Law & Order SVU have done to tell that story without being hateful? First, they should have researched what traditional Christians really believe— perhaps even talk to Gay & Lesbian Christians who sacrifice their sex lives for their Christian faith.

And a good technique would have been to include a character who was evangelical and believed that people with Gay tendencies are called to celibacy if they cannot enhance any opposite sex attractions enough for marriage, and have this character express the wrongness of the cult-church’s teaching. This technique is often used on TV— as when they have a good Muslim in an episode with a terrorist Muslim villain, or a socially responsible Gay person when a Gay guy turns out to be the killer.

They could have told their story without giving it that hate-y, propagandistic tone. And kept more viewers on board.

A Lutheran Pastor Struggles With Same-Sex Attraction/Homosexuality

Pastor Tom Brock

Pastor Tom Brock

Yesterday (Monday), I was watching television and switched to an Evangelical Christian channel, CTN. I watched an interesting program and when it was over, a second, much less well-produced program came on. Just a guy in a clergy shirt standing in front of a curtain talking. Nothing to get excited about. Only after a few seconds of listening, I was hooked. And then the pastor gave his personal testimony (briefly)— he had struggled with homosexual temptation most of his life, but had by the grace of God remained chaste. Yay, Pastor Tom!

And Pastor Tom has not only remained chaste but has been standing up for Biblical teachings on homosexual behavior. That is such a hard choice. In my own case, after I accepted Christianity and was taking instruction in the Catholic faith, I was willing to make a commitment for lifelong chastity for myself, I wasn’t at first willing to stand up for the idea that other Gay people, if they were Christian, should remain chaste and give up any homosexual acts. I did accept the Biblical and Catholic teachings on this matter in time. But when I first started speaking out, I was amazed at the level of hate I got for daring to say I actually had same-sex attraction/was Gay, but was standing up for Biblical teachings and living a life of chastity.

Pastor Tom Brock’s testimony is available at The Pastor’s Study web site— the relevant page is here: I hope all readers of this blog, not matter your views about homosexuality or about Christianity, will take the time to read his testimony in full. Because too many people are convinced that all people with same-sex attraction/Gay orientation think the same, have the same sort of beliefs about the Bible and Christianity, vote the same. We need to realize even minority groups are made up of actual people who have variety of opinions, whether the larger culture wants to admit that or not.

You know, all too often I’ve looked at the world of Evangelical Christian television and looked mainly at the bad things— those preachers who seem to be out to gain money from the flock. Like the preacher I listened to yesterday, who claimed he had supernatural knowledge that there was a businessman out there in the audience who had to give $5000 to the preacher’s ‘ministry’, and that would prove to God that the business had the seed of faith and God would prosper that man’s business.

But there are good ministries out there. I liked this one so much that I told my mother about it. Especially since Pastor Tom mentioned by name her own Presbyterian denomination (PCUSA) which has recently come out in favor of same-sex faux ‘marriage’, and said it was time for Christians to come out of that Presbyterian denomination. (Mom was more impressed by Pastor Tom saying that than by me saying the same thing several times— but then, Mom knows me. 😉 )  LINK: PCUSA Redefines Marriage

If you want to watch the episode of The Pastor’s Study that so blessed me yesterday, it’s available on YouTube along with many other messages. The topic is ‘You Must Forgive’.  Here it is: