Orlando: Did too much gun control cost lives?

Islamist terrorist Omar Mateen

Islamist terrorist Omar Mateen

As a gay (chaste) woman I am appalled that the worst mass shooting in US history targeted a nightclub filled with gay people. Just shows that people like me are a target of the ISIS terrorists who are at war with our nation and the civilized world.

But the president had to ruin everything as usual by ignoring the Islamic connection and focus on his partisan push to de facto repeal the Second Amendment with ‘gun control’ laws. Because it’s gun control that makes mass shootings like this a possibility.

It is the gun control movement that in this gay nightclub filled with 300 people, most gay people who had reason to fear gay-bashing attackers, no one seemed to have a concealed handgun handy to stop the POS shooter in his tracks. If only a handful of the people in the nightclub had guns, surely one would have been in a position to stop this massacre.

But gun control laws make responsible citizens fear arrest if they carry guns as the Second Amendment says they can. Too many people have been brainwashed by the gun controllers into thinking ‘nice’ people don’t even want to protect themselves with guns. And the result is a rash of mass shootings, nearly all in jurisdictions with strict gun control laws that reassure would-be mass shooters that their victims are disarmed.

As a former stalker of mine (long story) once said, armed Gays don’t get bashed. Even now when Gay people seem to have the ability to bully others into going along with the radical gay activist agenda, Gay people get beaten, threatened and killed by gay-haters.

More gay people need to take responsibility for their own safety by buying guns and learning how to use them. Statistics show that in areas where many ordinary citizens own legal guns, crime rates fall. Which makes sense. Criminals, and even terrorists, don’t really care for getting shot to death. So let us hope that the gay community will wise up and protect themselves. They DO make guns in pink these days, you know.

I realize that this post will offend pretty much everybody, left wing or right wing. And so, to really kill this blog’s readership, I’m going to suggest everybody go visit a FB page I admin: We Defend Traditional Marriage— And We’re Gay. I offend even more people there. 😉

September 11th Anniversary: Not a Small Thing

world-trade-center_1986818cToday is a day which will forever live in infamy, like Dec. 7th, 1941 (attack on Pearl Harbor.) Many in the media don’t want us to remember this day. They won’t show us images of that day for political reasons.

But it’s just the things that the mainstream media want us to forget that we need to remember. Americans tend to be in an isolated bubble when it comes to events in foreign countries. In 1941, most Americans thought that the news from Europe and Asia was sad, and that the dictators of Japan, Germany and Italy were bad men. But they didn’t think it could touch them until the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.

In the same way, Americans in 2001 thought that events in the Middle East were sad, and the terror organizations in operation, from the PLO to the new Al Queda, were a bad thing. But who on September 10th ever thought it could hit home in such a big way?

The world is becoming an ever more dangerous place, but our national leaders say ‘peace, peace, peace’ when there is no peace, and when saying ‘peace’ is only increasing the chance of war. The genocide against Christians by ISIS and Boko Haram is all but ignored, and even the flood of refugees in Europe is only a news story until Donald Trump’s next shockingly uncivil Tweet.

It’s not enough to stop and say ‘how sad’ about the September 11th victims. We must, each of us, make a daily effort to know what is really going on in the world that the mainstream media doesn’t want to bother us with. It’s our duty to know. And we need to pressure our political representatives, the President, and the various presidential candidates to do something about the refugees, about ISIS, and about keeping our country safe in ways that don’t take away our freedoms.



Today is a very serious occasion, but it’s still a good time to thank the Lord for the good small things that are going on. For me, I am celebrating the return of my therapist, John Lindt, to work after a few months off when he and his wife were in a serious car accident.

I had my first appointment in months yesterday, and John seemed pleased with some of the progress I’d made in his absence– I’d finished a short story, which I hadn’t done since I’ve known him, and I became involved with the Legion of Mary at my church and did some evangelization home visits with some nuns who came to our parish.

We also touched on the existential horror of my house with its electrical, plumbing and hot water heater problems. John seemed to think that I would find a way to get all these problems fixed. I’m not sure I share his confidence— I’m afraid I may be stuck with no hot water and no working stove for the rest of my life— but it’s nice to know someone thinks there is a solution to my problems in this area.

Believe it or not, this is a post in the Celebrate the Small Things blog hop. It takes place on Fridays and is a good way to get some more readership for your blog.


Where were you on September 11th, 2001? What do you remember most about that day? Do you think America has learned something about the importance of overseas events from September 11th? Are we more likely or less likely to experience *Islamist terrorism again in the US?

*Islamist terrorism: Terrorism perpetrated by terrorists who are Muslims (or claim to be.) These terrorists may be operating under beliefs rejected by mainstream Islam, and non-terrorist/Islamist Muslims are not to be blamed for the deeds of Islamists.

Charlie Hebdo Terror Attack was Different

JesuisCharlieThe Islamist terror attack on the offices of the French ‘satire’ magazine Charlie Hebdo is a step forward for Islamist domination of Western countries.

Previously Islamist terror attacks in the West were rather random in their choice of victims. They killed airplane passengers and people in the World Trade Center and Pentagon. Other attacks targeted people riding trains or at train stations, and people at the Boston Marathon.

But in the Charlie Hebdo case, they targeted a publication that had published cartoons that offended them. In fairness I must point out that I saw a number of Charlie Hebdo cartoons searching for an illustration for this blog post and I saw a lot of material from Charlie Hebdo that any objective observer must admit was disrespectful and in some cases hateful toward Muslims. (Other material had nasty stuff aimed at Jews and Christians.)

Not only did they target this publication, but they managed to kill targets that were responsible for the content of the magazine rather than a bunch of random secretaries.

This is a frightening phenomenon. In Muslim-majority countries of course the Islamists have been able to terrorize the press and make it unlikely that things offensive to the Islamists will get published. But in the West, they haven’t been able to really put the fear into the press and public. When publications in the West have refused to reprint cartoons of Mohammed, they have been more worried about inciting riots in the Muslim world and protests in the West. But now there will be a concern for the very lives of those who offend the Islamists with their words.

There is a Christian television show I used to watch. Their broadcasts go around the world. I remember more than once they told the story of a Muslim person who saw their show’s international version and gave their lives over to Christ. Both Islamists and most ordinary Muslims would be offended by that. In most Muslim countries there are ‘apostasy’ laws which make it illegal for a Muslim (or the child of Muslims) to convert to another religion.

What happens if Islamists make threats, or carry out threats, against Christian ministries who preach to Muslims and point out the flaws in the Muslim world-view? I predict that many ministries will change the content of their programming out of fear. It’s possible also that cable and satellite television companies will refuse to carry the programming of anyone who puts out material that offends Muslims. And that would be a frightening thing. We NEED to have information about Islam in today’s world, and we especially need the kind of information that the Islamists don’t want us to have.

I don’t dislike Muslims. They are children of God. They worship the God of Abraham as we do, and they accept Jesus Christ as a prophet even though they reject Him as the Son of God. Many Muslims in their devotion to the five pillars of Islam, which includes daily prayers and charitable works, can serve as inspiration to Christians.

But I don’t want to see a world where no one dares to say anything that Muslims might not like, while hateful speech against Jews and Christians remains socially acceptable and widely available.

The concept of free speech has been expanded to include the right to publish and promote porn, which was not the original intention. What was intended was that there should be a free exchange of ideas, even if some people were offended. The new phase of Islamist terror is a threat to that form of free speech. We need to fight that.