Jeff Goins and why you need a tribe

Jeff Goins, writer

You need a tribe. That is, if you are a writer, poet, blogger, musician, artist or other creative person, you need a group of people who can relate to your work, or to you, and who might possibly become your Number One Fan and take you hostage and do bad things to you….. Well, maybe you’d rather skip the hostage situation.

Author Jeff Goins, who is one of the top writing-topic bloggers, is currently giving away a free PDF ebook called “It’s Not Too Late.” I downloaded it this morning and read a bit chunk of it before I remembered I was supposed to write a blog post this morning. In the book (which is FREE) he talks about tribes. He also has some good deals for those who preorder his next non-free book— find the info here:

How do you go about building a tribe? First you find ways to connect with people who might appreciate your work. My very first tribe-building was when I had my old blog, The Lina Lamont Fan Club. I met a few people who commented on my posts regularly. One, Amanda Borenstadt, asked me to read her book and gave me a free ebook copy. We connected because we were both Catholics and Doctor Who fans.

For a few years I was part of the Christian Science Fiction and Fantasy blog tour, which was run by Rebecca LuElla Miller. Each month she scored free books for us from Christian publishers, and on three set days of the month we all blogged about it and visited one another’s blogs. Most of the bloggers were Evangelical/Protestant Christians but there were a few Catholics and a Mormon or two. I got to know some potential ‘tribe’ members through the blog tour which, unfortunately, has come to an end.

I was rather shy about posting in Facebook groups— I was afraid if I said anything online, everyone would mock me and ask me to leave the group. So I started my own FB group for writers of Christian Science Fiction and Fantasy. I met some fine people. And one or two not so fine. A few I consider members of my ‘tribe’— or perhaps I’m members of theirs.  If you might be interested in the Christian Science Fiction & Fantasy group, it’s here:

But that’s me. I’m sure many creative people have found ways to connect with those who might appreciate their work. What has worked for you?

Three Important Steps to Building a Killer Tribe:
Nothing to do with Charles Manson, sadly.

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