B is for (Kitten in) Boot

This is Scylla, a kitten from last year. In a boot. She's a boy kitty.

This is Scylla, a kitten from last year. In a boot. She’s a boy kitty.

When you live on a farm, kittens happen. Once when I had a small number of cats, all neutered, someone dropped off a mother cat and her kitten at the end of my driveway. Mother and son broke some commandments and next thing you know, kittens.

Last night my cat Consubstantial 2 had four kittens. I am relieved it was only 4. She’s been walking around looking like a basketball with legs. Consubstantial 1 and Umberto have also had kittens. If you are wondering why anyone would name a cat Consubstantial, you are probably not Catholic. (The fact that there are 2 named Consubstantial is because they look nearly identical and I can only tell them apart because Connie 2 hisses at me and Connie 1 (usually) doesn’t.) Here are Connie 2’s kittens. The adult cat in the picture is Julianne, who had to have an emergency caesarean earlier this year. Her kittens didn’t survive and she’s looking for replacements.


This is the story of Kitten in Boot. I have some old winter boots that I use for chores. During winter they are usually on the living room floor somewhere. One day I noticed one of my kittens was missing. I looked and called for them but the missing one didn’t show up. Finally I looked in my boot a little more closely. The missing kitten had climbed in the boot, fallen asleep, and sunk deep into the boot.

I took a picture of that Kitten in Boot, and have since taken pics of other kittens in boots. My sweet baby kitten Little Stranger was photographed in one of my cowboy boots. He has since grow up to be a vicious tomcat who is wanted for questioning in the mysterious death of a rival tom, Claude. But he still wants a little cuddle from Mama every now and again.

The kitten in the boot pictured above was Scylla. I could have sworn he was a girl when I named him. Like the original Kitten in Boot, he fell asleep in the boot and couldn’t be found. Sadly, he went missing after he began life as a barn cat. I suspect Little Stranger drove him off.

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Comments are usually welcome here, but if some big-city animal rightser comes by to say it’s cruel for a poor, rural autistic woman like me to have cats, or kittens, or a home to keep them in, I’m going to treat that comment like the ones that suggest I go to Oregon for a permanent, assisted “suicide” cure for my autism spectrum disorder, and mark it as spam.

‘The First Principle’ — first impressions….

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FirstPrinciple-258x400OK, so I got this book in connection with the Christian science fiction and fantasy blog tour— which reminds me, I have to post this:

In conjunction with the CSFF Blog Tour, I received a free copy of this book from the publisher. 

And, you know, getting another Christian fiction novel— especially when it’s a ‘YA’— doesn’t always thrill me. Too often it’s a trip into the world of bland. But this book is not that trip.

The setting is— well, there are some states going pretty far this way already. Have you heard that story about the public schools dishing out IUDs as ‘birth control’ to schoolgirls? IUDs work by preventing a conceived child from implanting in the uterus, so it’s not really ‘contraception’, it’s something else. I’ve heard a defender of the IUD say that children killed by the IUD are so young it doesn’t really count as abortion, so in fairness we’ll just have to call it something else. How about ‘child killing’? And back in the day the IUD damaged so many women that even the feminists were against it. NOT something most parents want government schools to stick into their young daughters’ bodies.

In ‘The First Principle’, all high school girls are required to receive contraceptives, but the contraceptives do not work as well as advertised. The answer to that is government-required ‘termination’ of the unwanted life. Vivica Wilkins, a high school girl, defends a pregnant classmate against harsh treatment of a government agent out to enforce the law. And then Vivica discovers her own illegal pregnancy.

What protects this book from the blands is that Vivica is NOT a born-again believer from a churchy family. She’s the daughter of a female governor (with no father currently in the picture), and so a part of the system, brought up to think that the required contraceptive use and even the terminations are a good, right policy that prevents harm. She has no traditional moral training as earlier generations of young people had through their religious education and catechism classes. She has nothing to go on but a sense of wrongness in her heart when she contemplates some of these policies.

Vivica’s problems increase because of her mother’s political ambitions. Mommy can’t become the next president if she has an illegally pregnant daughter who won’t go along with the termination law. It will ruin her mother’s life if Vivica lets her child live.

What Vivica does next and where it leads are something you’ll have to discover by reading the book. [Available here: http://www.amazon.com/First-Principle-Novel-Marissa-Shrock/dp/0825443571/]  And it’s worth reading. When the book arrived at my place I opened the package. I opened the book intending to take a glance at the first page of the book. Before you know it I was halfway through the book and the laundry was NOT getting done!

And when I finished I quick hopped over to author Marissa Shrock’s FB page: https://www.facebook.com/marissa.shrock.writer. I also shared the book with a small FB writers’ group I’d joined, Pro-Life Speculative Fiction Readers and Writers: https://www.facebook.com/groups/776019142490663/ This is a small group and always in need of new members, by the way.

Marissa Shrock’s author page: http://www.marissashrock.com/

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