First Impressions of Wattpad

My Wattpad Profile

My Wattpad Profile

Wattpad: Is it useful for serious writers?

Margaret Atwood— not exactly an unknown writer— gave an interview on Why Wattpad Works. Famed indie-author success story Hugh Howey is also on Wattpad, finding it a way to connect with his readers.

Wattpad is a place where writers and aspiring writers can post works for the public to read. You can post sample chapters from a book you have written in order to find new readers. You can publish old short stories or poems you have previously published in small press magazines. You can even write whole books on Wattpad.

One thing that seems to work on Wattpad is publishing a story in parts— serializing it. I’m doing that with my short story Death Untimely. I’m dividing it into about 7 parts and I’m going to be posting them one at a time until completed.

It seems like the first thing you need on Wattpad is to get followers. How do you get followers? You follow other people— many will follow back.

I got started with a group of friends I have that mostly all write some form of Christian science fiction and/or fantasy. I checked their profiles to see who was following them, and I started following some of those people as well.

Since I’ve decided to get serious about Wattpad, I’m making a point of checking out the ‘What’s New’ section in the ‘Discover’ tab. I usually refine it by clicking on a genre— either fantasy, science fiction or ‘spiritual’, which is as close as Wattpad comes to mentioning the genre of Christian fiction. I read a story or two, vote it unless it’s porn or otherwise vile, and leave an encouraging comment. I got 2 new followers yesterday doing that.

Are you on Wattpad, or considering joining? Maybe we can help one another out. My Wattpad profile is, and if you follow me, I’ll follow you. I can’t spend TOO much time reading other people’s stories, but I try to look at a few every day. If you have a story there that you’d particularly like my opinion on, let me know (in the comments) and I will at least read the beginning of it and comment on it.

My Wattpad goals for today:

I’ve worked on my short story Death Untimely this morning, and I intend to update the first installment of the story. I also am going to take some pictures at local cemeteries so I can make a decent book cover for the story.