Fetal Tissue in Measles/Mumps/Rubella Vaccine

I’ve been watching a lot of TV pundits panicking about the small measles outbreak (when I was a kid, we had more measles cases than that in my school.) When they seek to punish parents for not vaccinating their kids against the ‘deadly’ measles virus, they act as if the only possible reason to object is that those ‘ignorant’ parents fear that vaccines may cause autism. Which isn’t true.

But there are other reasons not to vaccinate. For example, EVERY vaccine can cause problems in some individuals. And for the prolife family, there are some vaccines that cannot be used since fetal tissue from aborted children has been used to produce those vaccines. One example? The measles/mumps/rubella vaccine! Source: http://www.rtl.org/prolife_issues/LifeNotes/VaccinesAbortion_FetalTissue.html

And not one word has been spoken about this! Which is sad, because talking about it in the context of today’s measles hysteria might be one way to pressure vaccine-makers to produce an ethical alternative vaccine for the many prolife families out there.

Another thing unmentioned is that they managed to pretty much eradicate smallpox without forced vaccination of everyone, everywhere. They don’t need to vaccinate the whole human ‘herd’ to reduce the incidence of these diseases. When I was a child it was normal for kids to get measles— it was like getting the flu. My brother and I never got it as children. My brother did get it as an adult, and though he had a severe case, he didn’t die or suffer extreme consequences.

What do prolife parents do about the MMR vaccine and other unethical ones? Some who know the truth feel such pressure to vaccinate anyway, not only for child’s health but out of fear of legal punishments if other, unrelated kids get measles and the authorities decide to blame the prolife non-vaccinated family. Others take a stand in the hope that it will cause better, ethical vaccines to be made. I do not judge people no matter which choice they make. I just make a judgment that this vaccine situation, which amounts to a vaccine shortage since some families who want their children vaccinated cannot do it for ethical reasons, must change.