Your Skin Color is Not Your Uniform

Thinking about the violent riots in Baltimore and Ferguson, I am saddened at how far we have to go into making a color-blind society where we are judged by the content of our character (if any) and not by our skin tone.

It has been illegal to have skin color preferences in hiring for longer than most Americans have been alive (with the exception of affirmative action based preferences). It ought not to matter. But for political reasons skin color divisions are being kept alive and well.

When we hear reports of incidents between police and suspects, isn’t it crazy to hear that the suspect shot by police had a ‘black’ skin color and the police officer who did the shooting had a ‘white’ skin color? Wouldn’t it be equally valid to report that the suspect had a blue shirt color and the police officer had a tan shirt color? Or that the suspect wore size 11 shoes and the police officer size 9s?

And imagine people listening to that last news report. “You just can’t trust those size 11 people,” says one man. “Those size 9 police officers just never give a size 11 man a break.”

And to think that all of one skin color group has to have the same opinion of such an incident— and that this whole skin color group needs to be placated or some of them will go out into the street and do property damage….. What a sad world we have.

But don’t go blaming people based on their skin tone here. It’s not the people, it’s certain political leaders that want to make careers for themselves as spokespersons for a ‘disadvantaged’ skin color. An example of this is Al Sharpton, allegedly a Christian minister but instead of spreading the Gospel he goes from place to place spreading skin color divisions. Other, only locally known men do likewise. Because without the skin color divisions, ‘black’ people would not need ‘black’ leaders, but could support ordinary candidates of any skin color based on their policies rather than their skin tone, just like ‘white’ people get to do.

One time I researched hard-core racist groups for a story I was writing. I came across the skinhead saying ‘Your skin is your uniform.’ This is bull.

In wartime we use uniforms to tell the two sides apart. But we are not in a skin color war. And if we were, what use would our skin be as a uniform? For most of us our skin color does tend to change based on sun exposure. And ‘black’ people can have such light skin that they are not easily distinguished from ‘white’ people.

Looking at a person’s skin color doesn’t give you accurate information about that person’s ethnic identity, economic level, education, religious convictions or politics. You have to actually talk to a person to find things like that out. And isn’t that what we should be doing more of— talking to one another to learn more about each individual’s uniqueness, rather than to score points off of one another as is the custom of the times?

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I Don’t Like Obama Because He’s __________.


Is this a good look for the president? (I prefer his current hairstyle.)

It’s no secret. Obama doesn’t make me happy, happy, happy. And although the news media has been trying to keep it under wraps until recently, large numbers of US citizens feel the same way.

The reds over in the Democrat party, when they notice that, attribute it to one absurd answer to the fill-in-the-blankĀ  in the post title. Because he’s Black? He’s half-and-half! And the half that raised him is the half that even the KKK would approve of. And they seem to be unaware of the laundry list of blacker-than-Obama conservatives that the conservative community is wildly enthusiastic over as potential presidential candidates.

I don’t like Obama because he’s ______.

If you dissent from the Thou-Shalt-Love-Obama-Or-Else crowd, how would YOU fill in that blank? Here are some of mine:

  • because he’s anti-life — abortion kills one of every four children conceived, and nearly one of every two Black children conceived. A euthanasia document called a Living Will is required to be pushed on every senior citizen who makes doctor visits, but the euthanasia connection is never mentioned. And schoolyard bullies taunt disabled kids with Asperger Syndrome with the words ‘You’re a mistake’ because in their childish innocence they imagine all disabilities can be ‘prevented’ with selective abortion. Obama is the most pro-abortion president ever.
  • because he’s at war with the Catholic Church — by trying to force every Catholic institution to provide abortifacient/contraceptive pills free of charge to all employees/students. Nearly every person alive knows that the Catholic Church does not permit the use of abortion-causing or artificial contraceptive means. By insisting on this, he’s risking that many Catholic charitable institutions will be unable to help anyone— at a time when Americans need more help than ever.
  • because he’s been able to lie with impunity —- when Richard Nixon told some lies to the American people, the news media hunted him down until he resigned. Obama lied about his beliefs about same-sex marriage during his presidential campaign. He lied about his relationship to the controversial group Acorn. He lied about how he knew domestic terrorist and sexist Bill Ayres. He lied, saying he was willing to make a ‘compromise’ in his war against the Catholic Church. He lied that people could keep their health insurance plan under Obamacare, knowing that the law would outlaw many of these plans. And he doesn’t show any signs of knowing this is wrong.
  • because he’s let his wife have political power over school lunches —- Michelle Obama wasn’t elected president. Even if she WAS the president, she shouldn’t be taking power out away from local school districts and making new school lunch policies that have led to more wasted food, higher costs, and hungrier kids.
  • because he’s open about going around Congress using executive orders —- it’s one thing when a president resorts to an executive order because something really needs to be done and Congress can’t manage to do it. But when Obama brags about using executive orders to ram through his partisan policies when Congress has rejected them, it weakens what’s left of our democratic system. A lot of presidents have used— even overused— executive orders. Only Obama brags about it.
  • because he’s been calling Republicans and others partisan when they vote their conscience against his proposed measures — and isn’t that the very definition of partisanship— to call the other guys partisan because they won’t do it all your way?

This are my ways of filling in that blank. Not one of them, you’ll notice, mention Obama’s looks, posture, hairstyle or skin color. What do you think? If you are one of those who doesn’t care for Obama, are his looks a factor? Should they be?