Making a Library Run


Kitten Umberto as a little baby. As an only child she cuddled in the fold of the towel when mama wasn’t in the box. So I gave her a teddy bear. It helped.

Running out of good stuff to read, and since I have no money to buy books with I’m making a run to the local library in Stephenson Michigan (which is where I am posting from since my internet service is down).

Finding books in a small-town library can be tough when you are as eccentric as I am. There isn’t much selection, and when the library does have a book I want to read it’s usually checked out.

I was hoping to pick up Red Mars by Kim Stanley Robinson, but they didn’t have that one, just one of the later books in the series.

I did find Dean R. Koontz’s Midnight, which was also on my list of books I wanted. To complete my list I found a Mercedes Lackey I haven’t read (Home from the Sea, in the Elemental Masters series), which I likely will enjoy if Mrs. Lackey has managed to keep her biases in check better than she sometimes does. And I found one, Rusalka by C. J. Cherryh, that I picked just because I liked the name.

I’ve decided to limit my books checked out to three to make it easier to carry. After all, I can always stop by and get more books since I shop in Stephenson for groceries (it’s a one grocery store town.)

So that’s my reading-material-hunt adventure for the day. How are YOU doing with the eternal search for good books?