Looking for a few good writing podcasts

CatholicGeekShow2Podcasts work for me. For years I’ve downloaded radio broadcasts in Esperanto to listen to at my leisure. And lately I’ve been listening to Jimmy Moore’s low carb diet podcasts regularly.

But what about my writing? I could use some writing inspiration on a daily basis. And since I do housework while I listen to podcasts, I could get finally get caught up with the laundry.

I already listen to author Declan Finn’s podcast The Catholic Geek. It’s kind of a chore to listen to because it’s 2 hours long and I’m more oriented toward shorter podcasts. He interviews a lot of sci-fi authors including some I really like, such as Daniella Bova and Karina Fabian.

But I need more writing podcasts! What I want/need is some writing inspiration about the writing process, especially anything aimed at the indie writer.

I’ve tried The Creative Penn and the podcaster, Joanna Penn, has a cool British accent. But she describes her writing as in the vein of the infamous anti-Catholic novel ‘The DaVinci Code.’ As an enthusiastic Catholic convert, I’m not sure how much of that I can take.

Also, The Creative Penn seems to have no problem with ‘erotica.’ As someone educated at a time when the world made more sense, I’m appalled that anyone is willing to talk about reading or writing a porno in a public forum.

I may decide to become a regular listener of The Creative Penn anyway.  But I’d like to be able to find other writing podcasts that have what I want without praising pornos or anti-Catholic material. I wonder if there are any Catholic or Evangelical Christian authors who have good podcasts? Other than Declan Finn, of course.

Today is my 12th day on a strict ketogenic diet, and I’m still suffering symptoms of an ailment commonly called ‘the keto flu.’ It’s really just going through withdrawal from sugars and other carbs. When I first went strict low-carb over ten years ago, I had few symptoms, but as I get older it gets worse. Moral— don’t go off the keto diet once you are on it.

Today I listened to the Jimmy Moore low-carb podcast and it featured a lecture by Dr Eric Westman mainly about the use of the ketogenic diet in the treatment of diabetes. Here is the link: http://livinlavidalowcarb.com/blog/the-llvlc-show-episode-1149-dr-eric-westman-2016-low-carb-cruise-lecture/26680

A storage unit for cats.

A storage unit for cats.