Death Untimely: Short Story/Flash Fiction?

Missing kitten Quodvultdeus came home! He's still mad about the name thing.

Missing kitten Quodvultdeus came home! He’s still mad about the name thing.

This post was originally meant for the Weekend Writing Warriors blog hop which I participated in last week.

Death Untimely

Rap! Rap! Rap!

“Let me in,” Sarah Schell shouted. “I know I’m dead, I know that, and I want to get in! I have a complaint.”

Rap! Rap! Rap!

“I’m coming, I’m coming,” said a weary young voice. “You don’t need to knock down the Pearly Gates.”

The massive gates creaked open, and Sarah knew she should be at least a little nervous, but she was too angry for that. She’d been cheated.


This is from a flash fiction piece I’ve just started working on, so it’s first draft stuff. My questions are: does the opening grab your attention? Are you curious about what happens next?

I realize for a lot of readers having a story main character who is already dead is a bit too intense. But this is flash fiction, or at least it’s meant to be. And the intended ‘market’ for this particular story is among a class of readers who can handle this kind of intense.

I have been thinking about doing a flash fiction piece for a long time now. I started one a few years back but didn’t know how to end it. But this one I know the whole story, and so it should get done soon. In fact, I’d hoped to have it finished already but I got sick this week.


Other News:

My missing kitten Quodvultdeus has been brought back from hiding by his mother, Hissy Calico. He now has teeth and has already used them to chew on my finger.

I’ve been arguing with Stephen King on Twitter over his recent hate speech. So far, the Kingster hasn’t noticed. Probably a good thing.

Today is the last day of NFP Awareness Week. Have you done something this week to make people more aware?

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Weekend Writing Warriors #8sunday Snippet

This is Reagan, one of my Republi-Cats. His mom was Cheney, his dad was Bush, both acquired on Election Day 2004.

This is Reagan, one of my Republi-Cats. His mom was Cheney, his dad was Bush, both acquired on Election Day 2004.

This is my post for the Weekend Writing Warriors blog hop.


Killer DNA.

“This is the best research facility ever!” gushed Panto. “Even though it’s in a prison.”

Professor Pamela Stockton looked up from the disorderly and illogical personnel list. Some wag had given her staff designations like ‘lab rat’ for the laboratory workers and ‘psycho’ for the psychology students hired to create useful profiles of their experimental subjects. Pamela suspected Panto, but said nothing of it. She did feel the need to answer Panto’s statement, seeing that the other personnel in the room were looking about warily.

“This is not a prison,” she said. “Merely a first-class research facility with a large secure holding area to accommodate a large number of research subjects who are criminally incarcerated….”

This is from a short story (I think, length may vary) that’s been floating around in my head for a while. It’s from the first draft (started this morning.) The idea is about a researcher who discovers a DNA pattern associated with serial killing, and the consequences if future serial killers could be detected in childhood. Or some such thing. This is still first draft, after all.


Finding Friends for My Blog

That’s why I participate in blog hops and other blog events such as Insecure Writers Support Group, Big Dreams Bloghop, Poetry Pantry on Poets United, and the Christian Science Fiction & Fantasy blog tour.

Trying a new blog hop is kind of scary though. You see this long list of blogs and you wonder how many will be simpatico with your blog.

On the Weekend Writing Warrior blog hop I was somewhat inhibited in that the first 6 or so blogs I visited were by ‘erotica’ writers, which I do not feel I can support or promote. But I shall continue slogging down the list.

I don’t know if I’ll continue with the Weekend Writing Warrior blog hop as it’s on the same day as Poetry Pantry, and also because I’m not sure that posting ‘snippets’ is something I’m thrilled with. But I’m going to try it and see what happens.