The Dragon List

This is a list I’ve started of books and series with dragons in the story. Ideally, dragons that are real characters in the story, rather than just a scary magical creature for heroes to kill. Numbers do not indicate anything, not quality, not the order in which I read them. Nothing.

1. Naomi Novik – ‘His Majesty’s Dragon’ and the rest of the Temeraire series. Dragons in the Napoleonic Wars, a bit too much modern political correctness for many readers. No sex scenes but immoral relationships mentioned.

2. Mercedes Lackey – ‘The Dragon Jousters’ series — Joust, Alta, Sanctuary, Aerie. Set in a fantasy version of ancient Egypt, follows the adventures of an Altan serf boy who is made a dragon boy, then tames his own dragon from the egg. Final volume ‘Aerie’ has a very literal deus ex machina ending. No sex scenes but teen immoral relationship occurs.

3. Karina Fabian – DragonEye P. I. series — features Vern the dragon, a hard-boiled detective, and his partner, Sister Grace. Catholic author.

4. Donita K. Paul — various books and series, including DragonSpell, DragonLight, Dragons of the Valley and One Realm Beyond. Christian author.

These are some books and series mentioned to me by the members of the Facebook group Christian Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers. I have not yet read these, so can’t advise as to content.

+ Janeen Ippolito — Lawless

+ K. M. Carroll – Fire and Ice Cream

+ Cedar Sanderson – Pixie

+ Katie Cross – Flame

+ Rachel Hartman – Seraphina

+ Becky Minor – Windrider

+ Barbara Hambly – Dragonsbane

+ Gordon Dickson – The Dragon and the George

+ Paul Smith – Jason and the Draconauts

+ H. L. Burke – Cora and the Nurse Dragon, The Dragon’s Curse

+ Mark Secchia – The Pygmy Dragon

+ Katy Huth Jones – Mercy’s Prince

+ Robert Don Hughes – the Powershaper Omnibus

+ Gillian Bronte Adams – Out of Darkness Rising

+C S Johnson – The Starlight Chronicles

+ Timothy Zahn – Dragon and Thief

+ Susan Fletcher – Dragon’s Milk

+ Cornelia Funke – Dragonrider

+ Jessica Day George – Dragon Slippers

+ Patricia Wrede – The Enchanted Forest

+ Mitchell Bonds – Hero, Second Class

+Keanan Brand – Dragon’s Rook


+ Jeremy Bullard – Facets of Reality

+ Jane Yolen – The Dragon Pit Chronicles