Recipe: Keto Bone Broth Mug Soup

Keto Bone Broth Mug Soup

Ten Benefits of Bone Broth by The Coconut Mama

Ten Benefits of Bone Broth by The Coconut Mama

Here’s a keto/Paleo convenience meal that you make in your mug! Great for breakfast.

1-2 T coconut oil (regular, unless you want the coconut flavor in cold-pressed oil)

dash of seaweed granules— kelp, dulse whatever you like (optional)

dash of sea salt

1 T sour cream, heavy cream or coconut milk, not ‘reduced fat’ versions (optional)

1/4 to 1/2 cup of reduced bone broth, depending on broth’s strength

Hot water

Put the coconut oil, kelp, sea salt, cream and reduced bone broth into a large/double sized coffee mug. Pour hot water into the mug to fill. Stir until the coconut oil and sour cream melt. Taste— if your bone broth was weak, you may need to add a bit of something to bring up the flavor, such as a bit more salt, more seaweed granules, a bit of vegetable broth powder, reduced grocery store broth, or even grocery store bouillon granules (I’m trying to give that up, really….)

This is as close to an ‘instant breakfast’ type of keto/Paleo food you can find. (It may seem complicated the first time, but before long you can do it in your sleep.)

Note on the bone broth: ‘reduced’ bone broth means that you’ve boiled it down a bit to reduce the water content and intensify the flavor. This is a good idea for storing the bone broth in the freezer. When the bone broth is stored in the refrigerator there may be a solid layer of healthy fats on the top. You will need to place the bone broth container (I use canning jars) in a pan of hot tap water to bring it to room temperature to melt the fat so you can shake up your bone broth to mix up the components.

To make bone broth: google for ‘bone broth’ recipes. You can use bones from leftovers— beef, chicken, pork, lamb, goat, venison— whatever you’ve got. (Put a gallon-size freezer bag into your freezer and put in leftover bones to save up enough bones.) The version of bone broth recipe I use calls for cooking it 48 hours in a 3 quart crock pot.

Substitutions: when your bone broth is all gone, you can substitute reduced grocery-store broth, reduced home-made vegetable broth, home-made dashi, or store-bought dashi or bouillon powder (which you probably can’t get without MSG).

Keto diet questions? Read Keto Clarity:   It, and other books like it, literally saved my life— I have diabetes with complications that made my doctor cut off my diabetes meds. My blood sugar, blood pressure and kidney test results have all improved as a result of the ketogenic diet.

Benefits of bone broth by The Coconut Mama:

Writing Project: Daily Devotions with a Catholic Apologetic Theme

Can the Catholic faith be defended from the Bible?

Can the Catholic faith be defended from the Bible?

Lately I’ve been doing daily devotions using a small book called ‘Lent and Easter Wisdom from Fulton J. Sheen’, published by Redemptorist Pastoral Publications. They have a series of these books with quotes from different people— John Paul II, Thomas Merton, G. K. Chesterton, Saint Therese of Lisieux…. and also some similar books of ‘Advent and Christmas Wisdom’.

I started doing the book yesterday— well into Lent— and when I opened the book to the bookmark I’d used last time, I found that it was at ‘Monday of the Second Week of Lent’— in other words, it was in the place that the bookmark would be if I had been doing the book since Ash Wednesday. I took that coincidence to be an example of God encouraging me.

But what am I to do when Lent/Easter is over and Advent/Christmas haven’t yet started? I had the notion to write a devotional of my own with the theme of Catholic apologetics. (Apologetics is the defending of the faith through evidence and logical argument.)

It would be a book with about 30-31 days worth of devotions. Each day’s devotion would have a theme/question such as prayer to saints or good works. There would be a Bible passage and a quote from the early Church Fathers, a short Catholic answer to the topic, a meditation, a prayer….

I am trying to get some people to suggest topics or questions to cover. I welcome suggestions from cradle Catholics, Catholic converts and those on the journey, and also from those who are not Catholic and who think that Catholicism is unbiblical or ‘pagan’.

Why do this as a devotional book? Mainly because pure apologetic books can have a debate-y flavor, and I think there is a place for something more meditative and prayerful.

Title possibilities: Biblical Catholic Apologetics Daily Devotional

Biblical & Catholic: A Daily Devotional

30 Day Catholic Apologetic Devotional


So, what do you think?

Any comments, opinions, or feedback would be welcome.


The book pictured above is written by a Facebook friend of mine, Dave Armstrong. Dave is a former Protestant campus missionary who entered the Catholic Church in 1991 and is now a Catholic apologist and has written many, many books defending the faith. His blog is at and contains a wealth of material on defending the Catholic faith.