Writers afraid to admit they are writers

Are you a writer who doesn’t like to admit it? Or maybe one who doesn’t like to talk about your book?

Sometimes we just feel so self centered talking about our own books. Shouldn’t we put others first?

There is a time to be unselfish and help your writing friends get ahead. But if you have a book out there and you never do anything to market it, if you never try to become more of an influencer, how well can you help others?

Sometimes we don’t like to admit we are writers because it sounds like an immature pipe dream. Like the scrawny uncoordinated kid who plans to be an NFL superstar.

But if you love books and ideas, and are willing to do the hard work to improve your skills, the odds are in your favor. You can learn to write things other people want to read. You can learn simple ways to let other people know about your book, so you will gain readers.

But it takes work. Work on your book. Work on your blog. Work on your Facebook and twitter. It’s not just your hobby. it’s a second job. Do your job!

Personal note: I am currently in the hospital so writing this on a cell phone. Excuse my errors!

Writers write, Authors market

Recently I’ve been reading a book about how to be a successful author. It was pointed out that writers write books. But authors market the books they write. Not just half hearted, lame techniques like posting a book promo in a Facebook group that allows no book promos.

We need to learn more about book marketing. Sometimes that means reading an e-book by someone who regards book writing as a way to make money. Making a little money won’t kill your writing career. And the people who sell a lot of books may know a bit more about marketing than we do.

I have purchased a few books on marketing and I am hoping to put some of what I’ve learned into effect.

One book I have is ‘How To Make A Living with your Writing ‘ by Joanna Penn. I suggest you get that book or something like that , and read until you get just one idea you can use right now.

Then carry the idea out. Extra point if you share what you did in a comment on this blog!